Thursday, March 3, 2016

Not a Gentleman's Christmas by Candice Gilmer

Title: Not a Gentleman's Christmas
Author: Candice Gilmer
My Rating: 4 Stars

About the book:

Saving her from her curse is a gentleman's job. He, however, is no gentleman.

Ruthie, cursed by a djinn, has been trapped in a recipe box for seventy-five years, and this Christmas is her last chance to break the curse. She assumes when Lee Reynolds opens the box, he will help her escape the djinn’s magic.

Because that's what a gentleman does.

She learns very quickly, though, that Lee is no gentleman.

Unlike the Drigan werewolves, Lee is tormented by his wolf-side. Nightmares plague him, leaving him barely civilized most days. It takes all his control to work as a sous chef, but cooking is really the only thing that has ever soothed him.

Then Ruthie pops out of his grandmother’s recipe box.

And his wolf side becomes positively beastly.

This story originally appeared in the USA Today Bestselling anthology A Very Alpha Christmas

My Review:

Lee has been plagued with nightmares since he lost his mate at a young age. Cooking soothes his soul, and as a sous chef he also does all of the family cooking for the Holidays. When he finds out that his sister has their grandmother’s recipe box, he asks for it to help prepare a traditional Christmas dinner. But, when he opens the box, a beautiful woman appears and needs his help preparing a perfect dinner in order to be released from the curse of a djinn. 

Ruthie is upset to learn that her friend, Lee’s grandmother, passed away a few years ago. She won’t have her help preparing dinner and thinks that her hopes of being free are over. But, Lee helps her and even suggests that she change a few things in order to improve them. While they cook, Lee shows how much of a gentleman he is not and feeds his attraction to the beauty. There is a twist within this story that I won’t give away. But, I found the way it went to be sweet and touching. Even though Lee is not a gentleman, he is everything Ruthie needs and she is everything he has ever wanted. This is such a sweet, touching, fun story read during the holidays or not. 

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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